Monday, June 9, 2008

Thoughts of a gloomy soul

I haven't posted anything almost two months now and it seems as if I abandoned this blog, which isn't the truth. Sometimes reality is more gothic than imagination, than literature and you don't feel like dealing with anything else but contemplation. I have fallen myself into this whirlwind and I am still trying to get out of it. Gloomy thoughts are all around me and I try to take them away. I have been there before and so I know that soon it will be over. I also realize that I am not the only person that faces hardships and that is sad. This means nothing at this moment but I hate to pity myself for my moody behaviour.

At moments I try to hold on to the reassuring words of Scarlet O' Hara, that "after all, tomorrow is another day". I also think that we cannot find the light unless we delve deep into the abyss. Alas, I will survive, or so I hope...