Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Crow

One of the most gothic movies ever is "The Crow". A man comes back to life to take revenge for the death of his beloved girl. And so the epic begins. The movie was based on the bestselling graphic novel "The Crow". The director managed to sustain the gothic mood of the novel and to transfer it to the large cinema screen.

The movie is "haunted" by the tragical accident that led Brandon Lee, the star of the movie, to his fatal end. During one of the last shots, the guns were not checked. As a result one of them burst out and killed the poor guy. Moreover, some scenes were shot after Brandon's death and they used for that purpose CGI images. Since then a lot of things have been heard. A lot of people believe that behind his death there is a conspiracy, the well-known Bruce Lee conspiracy. Probably is just another urban legend. Was truly a tragic accident or a successful murder attempt? So far, noone has reported evidence of Brandon's comeback to take revenge...