Saturday, March 21, 2009


She wore white
Hoping to preserve her innocence
Like a peach canned in a jar
Imbuing the room with its wild aroma upon unscrewing
She wore red
Tearing through life
Wanting to be noticed
If only for an instant
She wore blue
On those days when the rain is relentless
And the drip drip sound
Echoes the emptiness of her heart
She wore the colors of life in all their splendor and variety
She wore life itself grafted to her skin
And with each breath
She came closer to her death

(This poem of an unknown poet was published in the Greek magazine "Μοτέρ", issue 15. It's one of a kind, so I thought it would be fantastic to share it with you. Hope you like it!)


Innocent Male said...

It is very nice.

Pink Strawberry said...

Poli oraio to blog sou! Epitelous kapoios pou grafei episis sta agglika! I'm amazed!

melian said...

Pink Strawberry thanks so much for your nice comment! Innocent male, yes it is very very beautiful... I wish I knew the name of the poet.

thlimeni neraida said...

Awesome poem...

Άτη Σολέρτη said...

She wore the colours of the nature not to be seen.
Buried within herself, she offered greatfully her spirit and whispered something to this earth.
Then she commit...
Her trip in peace.
Thanks for sharing! Amazing!