Saturday, November 1, 2008

Twilight: the new frenzy by Stephenie Meyer

It's been almost two months since the last time I wrote in this blog and now I feel once again the need to share my thoughts with you. The main incentive was actually the reading of Twilight by Stephenie Meyer, the first of the author's Twilight saga.

To be honest I enjoyed the story of the book very much and I really loved the way Meyer pictured this new type of vampires. I was afraid that the book would try too much to be close to what Anne Rice suggested that it would lose its fun. But it was nothing like that. Certainly this book is addressed to a younger group of people, mostly to adolescents or to those who still feel of that age. One more aspect that made me love it is that it was breath-taking -I've read it into 24 hours - and well-plotted. I haven't felt like that since the last time I've read Harry Potter!

So, I have finally realized what was all the fuss about. With the upcoming movie and the internet frenzy I wanted to figure out if its fans were right. And in my opinion they were, because once in a while you need this kind of literature to take you out of your miserable reality and to make you hope that somewhere else might be something different. Anyway, if you want to escape reality Twilight would be a nice and 'safe' pill. And if you are for ultimate love stories Twilight will be one of your favourite romance novels.

I can't wait watching the upcoming movie...