Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Standing into the cave all she could discern was the dark waters of the lake in front of her. She could sense the coldness of the abyss embracing her, calling her from its depths. She was scared and enchanted at the same time. She knew that if she followed its path the end, her end would be close. Nothing could save her from the claws of the abyss. And yet she wanted so much to fall into the dark waters. It was like this weird feeling a child has when adults tell him not to do things. The more she knew it was forbidden, the more she craved for it.

She had heard tales about people who had followed their impulse and never came back. She really liked hearing their tales. She admired them. When everybody else considered them fools and cowards, she felt they were more like heroes. They were people who were not afraid to fall into the mysterious and unknown waters of the vast lake. Not because they gave up, not because the cave was no longer enough for them but because they finally found the exit and had the guts to go for it.

The moment she found herself in the banks of the Lake of Lethe she knew what her path would be. She knew she was meant to escape, one of the few humans who have tried to. And now she was finally ready. There was no fear, only great anticipation. She unbuttoned her dress, got undressed and naked she approached the cold water. Without hesitating or looking back she dived into the dark lake and was lost forever...