Thursday, March 29, 2007

Darkness Unveiled

Well, here I am! This new blog is my attempt to redefine gothic. What is gothic? How people experience it? What means to all these gothic, cult people that all of us have come across with?
That is surely not my concern. I will try to redefine the gothic movement through my own point of view.

For me gothic is not just the particular dressing code of the gothic people, the black dresses and the black boots. No, gothic is something much deeper. It is a philosophy of life, it is a worldview, it is a deeper experience. I will try to find it out through literature, through movies and through the opinions of famous people. Sometimes my references may seem peculiar and somehow odd, but don't be frustrated. As I have already said gothic is a whole philosophy - at least for me - and therefore it can be found everywhere. I hope that this trip will be interesting. I reassure you that it will be so, at least for me.

Welcome to my blog you reader!
May the darkness be unveiled upon your eyes!